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Formlabs most impact resistant material, Durable Resin is also highly wear resistant, capable of extreme deformation before breaking, and has low friction compared to Standard and Tough Resin. Use Durable to prototype models that will eventually be made from polypropylene (PP) or high density polyethylene (HDPE). It is best used when these features are required in a room-temperature application.

Polypropylene is very commonly used in situations where high elongation, deformation, and/or impact resistance are required. Applications of polypropylene include items like toothbrushes, car bumpers, packaging, razors, and more.

Durable is ideal for engineering prototypes and has been developed to withstand high strain. Consider printing in Durable Resin for applications that require impact resistance for rugged prototyping and for models that feel or look like real polypropylene. Like Flexible Resin, Durable Resin also works for objects that require some flexibility. Unlike Flexible Resin, Durable is also useful when you need to maintain good rigidity.

Comparison with Other Materials

To understand the difference between Durable Resin (similar to PP) and Tough Resin (similar to ABS), it helps to understand two key values: Elongation and Impact Strength. Learn more about how different materials perform under testing.

Elongation (given as a percentage of the original length) measures the length a material can stretch based on the original size, before it breaks. For applications requiring snap fits, flexures, or compliant mechanisms, a high elongation percentage value means the material can stretch a long way (or stretch repeatedly) before failing.

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